Summit, New Jersey
Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association
Local #54
Tid Bits:

In the fire service, a fire hydrant is also know as a fire plug.  Water mains were made of wood and to get water from these wooden water pipes, firefighters would have to dig down until they found the water main and then bore a hole.  When the fire was extinguished the hole in the main would filled with a wooden plug to stop the flow of water and the firefighter would record the location of the plug for future fires if needed.

Dalmatian's and horses got along very well.  these dogs were trained to run in front of the horses that pulled the fire apparatus to keep the path clear and to guide the  horses and firefighters to the fires.  They are also great watch dogs that would protect the firehouses and equipment from being stolen.

Safety Tips

Smoke detector should be replaced every ten to fifteen years and carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every five years.
When cooking please make sure children stay out of the kitchen and all pots and pans handles are not hanging over the front of the stove.
When you change the time to reflect daylight savings please don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES!
Never leave candles unattended and always allow plenty of space around and above to prevent items from catching on fire.
Always practice fire drills at home and have a meeting place outside your home like a tree in the front yard or a neighbors home.  Make sure everyone in your home knows where this meeting place is and once your out, stay out.  When the firefighters get there let them know if everyone is out or if someone is missing.